Richard Designs Bridesmaids

Richard Designs bridesmaids dresses are stunning gowns, perfect for any time of year! They are plain and elegant with some beautiful delicate touches. These gowns are so perfect for a prom or for evening wear not just for bridesmaids!Pleated detail for your bridesmaids is an effortless look. They look nice for any time of year on any body shape!
They range from beautiful crossover V-necks to off the shoulder styles and all have beautiful delicate details on them which make the gown look so effortless. Richard Designs bridesmaids dresses are available to order in a wide range of colours and sizes. Teen versions are also available with the styles adapted to make age appropriate. 

Bridesmaid 1059
Bridesmaid 1059
Bridesmaid RDM1014_slate
Bridesmaid 1014
Bridesmaid RDM1028_rose
Bridesmaid 1028
Bridesmaid RDM117
Bridesmaid 1064
Bridesmaid RDM1170
Bridesmaid 1170
Bridesmaid RDM1204
Bridesmaid 1204
COMING SOON - Bridesmaid 1223
COMING SOON - Bridesmaid 1205
COMING SOON - Bridesmaid 1201
Bridesmaid RDM1087A_Plum
Bridesmaid 1087A
Bridesmaid RDM1067_AppleRed
Bridesmaid 1067
Bridesmaid RDM1076_Cranberry_
Bridesmaid 1076
Bridesmaid RDM1167_Navy
Bridesmaid 1167
Bidesmaid RDM1086_CrystalBlue
Bridesmaid 1086
Bridesmaid RDM1080_Navy
Bridesmaid 1080
Bridesmaid RDM1089_Violet
Bridesmaid 1089
Bridesmaid 1165
Bridesmaid RDM1029_champagne
Bridesmaid 1029
RDM1119 Royal Blue
COMING SOON - Bridesmaid 1119
COMING SOON - Bridesmaid 1197