Petticoat Style Guide

Choosing the right petticoat

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These bridal petticoats are ideal for that 50’s style look.

Made from layers of fully flared net with a choice of
either a lace or ribbon edge finish on the top layer.


These bridal petticoats are suitable for
most slim A-Line dresses.

They will give your dress shape and help
you to walk by keeping your feet free

Fit & Flare

These petticoats are suitable for fit and flare and fuller A-Line dresses


There are a few styles of fishtail petticoats available. The 192 is perfect if you just want a little shape and make it easier for walking.

Fish With Train

The 191 fishtail petticoat is the most
popular as it just gives a little fullness to
the train of your dress.

The 172 petticoat is flat at the front and
gives more shape to the back of the
dress. This petticoat also has the option
of a detachable train which gives more
fullness to the length of the train.

Princess / Ball Gown

These petticoats are suitable for
Princess and Ball Gown dresses
They will give shape and make it easier
for walking.

For a fuller wow factor dress these multi
-layered petticoats are perfect.