Sell My Wedding Dress

Preloved Wedding Dresses

Do you have a wedding dress you are looking to sell? We may be able to help you. Love Lace Bridal Boutique have an online marketplace to sell you dress.  We do not buy wedding dresses, we sell on your behalf. Below is some information on how we work.
There are a few things to consider before selling your wedding dress: 

  • A wedding dress will tend to only sell if it is in current fashion, hence we only take dresses which are no more than 2 years old and reflect current styles. 
  • Smaller sizes take longer to sell
  • Even if your dress is unworn, you will find it difficult to get near to the price you paid for the dress

Wedding dresses are too beautiful to be boxed up and put up in the loft never to be seen for years. Give your wedding dress that chance to be loved again by another bride. 

Selling on the Marketplace

Listing your dress on our website

  • To create your listing – follow the link here to List your dress
  • We take no commission for selling your dress on the marketplace
  • Your dress will be listed for a onetime fee of £20.00 and will remain on the website until sold.
  • We will share your listing on our Facebook page to help it reach a wider audience
  • You will be connected to the buyer directly to negotiate the sale of your dress.
  • We highly recommend using PayPal for the sale of your dress for security.